Elderly Care Centre

The day care center is based on the elderly, and provides a new place for community home care services for the elderly in the community. Home health care, disease diagnosis and treatment, medical care, health consultation, health examination, life care, on-site service, entertainment and fitness.

Elderly side:

1. Leisure and entertainment: A variety of entertainment functions make the daily life of the elderly more stimulated;

2. Health monitoring: health data can be controlled at any time, and abnormal results are alarmed and pushed to family members and service platforms;

3. One-click calling: friends and family can easily connect and communicate at any distance from any place;

4. Home service: take care of life, Home service can be arranged simply by clicking a button;

5. Crisis alarm: emergency alerts such as sudden illness, accident, and falls will be sent to family members and service platforms as soon as possible.

Family side:

1. Announcement information release: community and property information release, holiday greetings, birthday greetings push, attention reminders;

2. Daily interaction: customized care reminders to remind family members regularly; real-time video calls;

3.Remote setting: hardware equipment used by the elderly, family members can remotely set software settings, set various reminders;

4.Interact with the platform: help the elderly to book various types of living services and learn about various announcements in the community.

Service Platform:

1. Intelligent service: service staff progress supervision, service evaluation feedback, all work is solved within one platform;

2. Health data monitoring: real-time data such as physical condition, range of activities, crisis help, etc. will be transmitted to the family's mobile phone, to ensure everything is under control;

3. Old age activity organization: enrich the cultural life of the community, strengthen the interaction of the neighborhood, please the body and mind, and strengthen the physique;

4. Third-party services: can be integrated with resources such as catering, housekeeping, medicine, maintenance, car use, call centers, etc., to serve the elderly and obtain benefits at the same time.