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AudarWatch APP


    AudarWatch is an App that obtains data from the server. It has real-time updates and synchronization of N1 and AURi watch health data, monitoring watch positioning, SOS alarm, fall alarm and other functions.


1. Health data

Health data functions include steps, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and other functions. The watch data is updated every hour, and the overall and historical hourly detailed data can be viewed. The App can display the data and the overall situation clearly and intuitively through the icon display.


2. Map positioning

The current location of the watch can be viewed in real time through the "Map Location" function of the App and displayed on the map.


3. Take medicine reminder

After setting the "medication reminder" time in the App, it will vibrate on the watch to remind the wearer to take medicine on time.


4. Electronic fence

The “electronic fence” range can be set through the App. When the watch wearer walks out of the electronic fence, the App will promptly remind the guardian that the wearer has crossed the boundary to prevent the elderly from getting lost and retrieve it in time.


5. SOS alarm settings

When the wearer has an abnormal situation, you can make an SOS call on the watch, and the App has set the SOS emergency contact number and will send a text message in time to remind the guardian that the elderly needs help.


6. Device Settings

It supports setting the blood pressure calibration value and positioning frequency setting of the watch, which can measure blood pressure more accurately and locate the wearer in real time.


7. Health warning

Support the health warning setting for the wearer. When the watch detects that the health data such as heart rate and blood pressure exceeds the safe range, it will promptly remind the guardian.


8. Movement track

Through the APP, you can view the wearer's daily historical movement trajectory.


9. Care for relatives and friends

APP supports remote relatives and friends to apply for caring for the health and safety of the elderly. After the relatives and friends apply for binding, the administrator can view it after the administrator agrees, which can prevent others from monitoring the wearer's location and bring safety risks.


10. Bind multiple devices

APP supports binding multiple watches and can switch to view data, and can monitor multiple watch wearers.


11. Fall alarm

The AURi bracelet supports the wearer to automatically trigger an alarm after a fall, and promptly send text messages to the emergency contact set by the APP.