N1 to be launched soon

Smart NB-IoT Fitness Watch

Key Features

  • • Heart Rate, Blood Pressure
    • Weather Forecast
    • Sleep Quality Monitoring
    •SOS Button and Emergency Call
    • Multi-precision Positioning
    • IP65 Dustproof and Waterproof
    • Location History and Geo-Fencing
    • Built-in SMD SIM Card
    • Direct NB-IoT Internet Access


Health monitoring
Heart rate and blood pressure trends were automatically monitored 24 hours a day, and sleep quality was monitored at night.

WiFi positioning can be customized in the APP to refresh the positioning frequency and view the detailed operation history track.

SOS alarm
In case of emergency, you can press SOS for alarm, and the APP can send alarm messages to your family members in time after setting the mobile phone number.

Electronic fence
You can delineate a safe range for the elderly, after crossing the boundary timely inform the family out of the safe range of the elderly, in order to be able to timely find the elderly, to prevent getting lost.