About AudarWatch APP

AudarWatch is an app that obtains data from the server. It has the functions of real-time updating and synchronizing N1 watch data, monitoring watch positioning, and SOS alarm.

1.Health data 

The health data function has functions such as step count, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. The watch data is updated  regularly every hour, and you can view the overall and historical hourly detailed data. The app displays the data clearly and intuitively through the icon display.

2. Map positioning

Through the app 'Map positioning function', you can view the current watch location in real time and display it on the map.

3.Medication reminder

After setting the reminder time for eating in the app, it will vibrate on the watch to remind the wearer to take medicine on time.

4.Electronic fence

Set the electronic fence range through the app. When the N1 watch wearer steps out of the electronic fence range, the app will promptly remind the user to monitor.

5. Multiple watches are bound and switched to view data to monitor multiple watch wearers.