N2 to be launched soon

IoT Fall Detection Watch

Key Features

  • • Heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring
    • Temperature and respiratory rate monitoring
    • SOS emergency call
    • Sleep quality monitoring
    • IP67 dustproof and waterproof
    • precision positioning, such as GPS and WiFi
    • Electronic fence,Support to view historical activity track
    • Fall detection automatic alarm
    • Built in Internet of things ESIM card
    • Medication reminder, sedentary reminder


Step / distance / calories, sleep monitoring

heart rate
Supports static and dynamic heart rate, supports 5 minute intervals and custom different small time intervals

Blood pressure trend
Support, user defined different small time interval measurement

Blood oxygen

Respiratory rate

Dial switch
Support at least 4 dial style switching (watch on switch)

Heart rate variability


temperature monitoring 
Infrared real time temperature monitoring, ± 0.2 ℃

Alarm clock reminder
Support, set 10 alarm clocks, motor vibration

SOS call for help
Support, one key SOS

Health reminder
Support medicine reminder, sedentary reminder

Fall alarm
Detect falls and alarm the family automatically

GPS + WiFi Positioning: accuracy is within 10-100m;
Priority GPS positioning, watch support positioning information

Electronic fence / historical track
App sets fence range, supports query of 5-day activity range track

Wrist detachment test
The infrared temperature sensor is used to detect whether the wrist is broken, so as to reduce power consumption and false alarm